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How to Sell Your Car Fast

3 Easy Steps
Free Evaluation

1. Tell Us About Your Car

Simply enter some basic information about your car and receive an instant market estimate of its value. You will also receive a text link to our photo capture tool.
We build listing

2. Send Us Photos

With nothing to download, click the text link and follow the photo capture instructions. Once submitted, our specialist will start working on your TOP MARKET DOLLAR offer.
We post listing

3. Receive Your Offer

You will then be sent a cash offer that is valid for 7 days. If you agree to sell, our team will come to you with payment in hand to pick up your vehicle. Fast and Easy!

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Selling Your Car?

Get Same Day Cash for Your Vehicle

Is your current lease or financing agreement holding you back from the car of your dreams? Sell your car fast and without the hassle! Our three-step process is fast, safe, and 100% contactless, so that no matter what's going on in the world, you can rest easy knowing that your transaction is done safely and effortlessly.

Ready to save time and make money?

Here's how it works

We buy your car and release you of your lease or finance agreement. We handle the paperwork. We pick up your car in a completely contact and stress-free transaction.

There's a Simpler, Safer Way

Sell your car from the comfort of your home in less time than it'll take you to put together an online ad! This touchless approach is safe, secure, and easy. All you do is:

Tell us about your car – Chat with our live agents over the phone or online about your current lease or finance agreement, as well as your car's history, damage, mileage, and VIN number. We'll tell you on the spot whether we'll buy it.

Conduct a smartphone inspection – We use PAVE, the new standard in automated vehicle inspections. We'll text you a link to the PAVE app that makes it easy for you to take a few quick photos of your car using your smartphone. That's it, inspection done!

Consider our guaranteed offer – Our professional appraisers will conduct an online inspection using your photos and send you a cash offer that is guaranteed and valid for 7 days. Go ahead and take your time, there's no pressure.

Good-bye Contract, Hello Freedom!

Feeling stuck in your current lease or finance agreement? A finance or lease buyout is a faster, easier way to get out of your lease contract and sell your vehicle for what it's worth.

With our lease or finance buyout, you'll be released from the contractual obligations of your existing finance or lease agreements, even if the dealership is uncooperative.

When you give us a call, you'll speak to one of our dedicated finance professionals who will review and discuss your existing contract. We'll identify potential early termination fees or restrictions and determine the dollar amount owed.

Then, we'll appraise your vehicle and apply its cash value to your payout.

It's that easy! Our team takes care of everything on your behalf, including arranging the discharge of your vehicle and issuing you a certified cheque for the difference between the value of your car and the loan payout.

From the moment you contact us, to the scheduled time we come and pick up your vehicle, the entire process is done remotely and is completely contactless, so you can remain safe and secure.

Let's get started!