Who We Are

We’re Passionate About Transparency & Convenience

At Motowizard, we’re passionate about cars! We love the automotive industry and have always felt that there is a better way for people to sell their vehicles – one that is convenient and fully transparent. That’s why we set out on a mission to offer exceptional services that make selling your car fast, convenient, and fair. Our vision is to upgrade the automotive experience.

We Care About Our Community

We’re committed to providing an enhanced customer experience, and to us, that means doing our part to make our community a better place. That’s why we donate all net proceeds from any scrapped cars to the SickKids Foundation. You can learn more about their campaign to build a brand-new SickKids hospital here.

We Believe There’s a Better Way to Sell Your Car

So, you know a little bit about us, the question is, are you ready to experience a better way to sell your car?

At Motowizard, we give you:

  • A Real, Guaranteed Cash Offer
  • Same Day Cash for Your Vehicle
  • A Touchless Experience that is Seamless, Hassle-Free, and Fair

Here’s how we do it.

Accurate Appraisal Tools

Like you, we were frustrated with misleading and inaccurate appraisals. Let’s face it. Your vehicle’s condition is an important factor in determining its true market value, and if the appraisal is incomplete or inaccurate, then you end up with a misleading offer. We’ve seen all too often consumers who have filled out their vehicle information online, received a quote, taken the time to visit the dealership, and once there been told that their vehicle is worth much less that they were led to believe. In fact, many consumers end up leaving with hundreds or even thousands of dollars less than what they expected.

We don’t think that’s fair.

With today’s advanced technology, we knew there must be a more accurate and convenient way to conduct appraisals. That’s why we use PAVE, which is a highly sophisticated smartphone platform that knows the detailed anatomy of every vehicle, including yours!

You can use PAVE from the comfort of your home, and it will send us photos and a detailed condition report of your car.  This visibility allows us to send you our very best offer, with confidence!

PAVE is accurate, and we trust it so much, we don’t need to see your vehicle in person before giving you a guaranteed cash offer.

PAVE is also easy to use. You don’t even need to download the software onto your phone – just follow the link we send you. You’ll be prompted to use your smart phone to take all the pictures we need to conduct an accurate and complete contactless inspection of your vehicle.

Supply and demand are the driving forces behind the used car market. We access the most up-to-date auction tools to track the supply, demand, recent sales, and real-time interest in your vehicle. This data is factored into the valuation of your vehicle and is reflected in the guaranteed cash offer we give you.

Strong Industry Partnerships

The condition of your vehicle is an important factor in your vehicle’s appraisal, but it’s not the only consideration that affects its value. Demand is also a critical factor in your vehicle’s resale value. We’re part of a large buyer network that enables us to get top dollar for your vehicle.

How your vehicle has been driven also plays a role. We have developed a strong partnership with CARFAX, which helps us understand the history of your car and how it’s been driven. When you have a clean CARFAX report, we’ll typically offer you more for your vehicle.

Fair, Guaranteed Cash Offers

We’re all about an upgraded experience, so it only makes sense that we compensate you for the upgrades you’ve poured into your vehicle. Our offer will account for safety features and upgrades. You’ll also get a detailed condition report that ensures our offer is fully transparent. Best of all, this entire process is done without us ever having to see or touch your vehicle.

We offer a completely contactless approach to selling your vehicle that’s convenient, safe, and guaranteed.

Solutions for Those Stuck in a Lease or Finance Agreement

We believe your experience selling your vehicle can and should be better. That’s why we take the time to truly understand your situation and your goals. Looking to escape a lease or finance agreement? We take the time to understand your current situation and find a customized buy-out solution.

Our experts will review your contractual obligations with you over the phone, explaining everything so you really understand your options. We take the time to review your unique scenario and offer customized advice that you can trust. Working with an uncooperative dealership? No worries – we will fully arrange your vehicle’s lease or finance discharge for you – we even take care of the title transfer!

A 100% Contactless Process

We think you deserve total peace of mind. That’s why we do all the work on your behalf and, most importantly, the entire process – from start to finish – is quick, convenient and 100% contactless.

We are the only company that provides a real, guaranteed offer without physically inspecting your vehicle in person.

Oh, and about that guarantee. We respect your time and we never play games. We take the time to accurately determine the true value of your vehicle before we make you an accurate, guaranteed cash offer. Once you receive our no obligation offer, you have seven days to accept it.

So, you’ve accepted our guaranteed offer and signed the paperwork. What’s next? Schedule a convenient time for us to come and pick-up your vehicle. We will arrive with a cheque in hand, perform a two-minute walkaround of the vehicle, hand over the cheque, and then tow it away. We follow social distancing and wear a mask during this process, so that the turnover of your vehicle is safe and completely contactless.

Learn more about How it Works or Contact Us to find out how much your car is worth!