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Get Out of Your Lease or Finance

3 Easy Steps
Free Evaluation

1. Free Evaluation

Easily connect with one of our agents for a free evaluation of your finance or lease agreement. We will compare your lease to current market incentives and review your options in attracting potential buyers.
We build listing

2. Build Your Listing

Our agents will craft a detailed listing that will promote your lease or finance take-over. Our automated photo link will assist you in capturing a few high qualify photos in under 5 minutes. Quality photos and vehicle descriptions are essential in attracting buyers
We post listing

3. Go Live

Your live listing will then be indexed and advertised on multiple platforms that include Motowizard, Google, Google My Business and Facebook Marketplace. Your listing will also be sent to our large dealer partner network for maximum exposure.

Why Choose Us?


Vehicle Display Pages

Our listing pages display quality, high resolution photos, a complete vehicle feature list and detailed lease payment and transfer information. Better listings bring better results.

Digital Inspection Reports

Attract more buyer with quality vehicle imagery and condition reports. Our photo link tool attaches comprehensive inpections to each listing allowing potential purchasers to engage with confidence.

Ontario Focused

Focusing exclusively on the Ontario market allows us to outperform our competitors with locally targeted marketing and leveraging our dealer partner network.

Concierge Support

Each listing is assigned to a designated leasewizard associate that assists you thru each stage of the process. From crafting a solid listing to negotiation assistance, we have you covered from start to finish.